Cricut® Home Decor Vinyl Chalkboard 12" x 24" (w/Transfer Tape)

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Cricut® Vinyl makes it easy to personalize your home with customized quotes, message boards, removable labels, chore charts, and calendars or you could even customize your school supplies. Each roll comes with one 12” x 24” vinyl sheet and one 12" x 24" Cricut® Transfer Tape sheet makes applying the vinyl a cinch. Cricut® Vinyl is easily removable, making it convenient to change things up every now and then. You can even decorate your walls for each coming holiday. With our large variety of Cricut® images and fonts, you can customize your home and belongings to fit your very own style! Cricut® Vinyl sheets are made up of two parts. The vinyl is the actual material that will be cut and applied to your project and the liner is the carrier sheet that holds the design in place while the vinyl is being cut.