***50% OFF*** Learn to Sew - Smocking, Lattice & Bows DVD by Debbie Shore

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Over 60 minutes of content* First DVD from the Smocking DVD Series* Learn the bow and lattice techniques* North American Smocking is a method of pinching and stitching fabric by hand, following template to create pattern and texture. In this DVD Debbie will show you the basics of getting started, then two techniques to create a lattice and a bow design. Lattice is probably the most recognized technique, by stitching from the back the smocking creates a ‘woven’ look to your fabric. Bows is a little more time consuming and involves stitching from both sides, but creates a beautiful effect, particularly when embellished with beads. This DVD includes the following: Chapter 1: What is Smocking?* Chapter 2: Marking out your fabric and transferring the bows pattern* Chapter 3: Stitching the bows technique and knotting your thread* Chapter 4: Make your smocked fabric into a cushion cover *Chapter 5: Marking and stitching the Lattice technique* Chapter 6: Making the smocked Lattice fabric into a bag* The DVD also includes 2 PDF patterns to help with the techniques.